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About the SPPS Online School


The SPPS Online School is a new, no-cost, online school that allows students in grades K-12 to take classes that meet Minnesota academic standards in a flexible, safe and highly supportive learning environment. Grades K-8 are an expansion of the online high school that was announced earlier this year. 

SPPS Online School curriculum is designed using strategies that are proven to work in a virtual environment. Your student will experience live, interactive classes, along with flexible recorded sessions. Students will use the digital platforms on their school iPad for learning. K-3 students will use Seesaw and 4-12 students will use Schoology.

How Does Enrollment Work?
Families can apply to the SPPS Online School by contacting the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760.

Students enrolled for the fall semester will only be enrolled in the SPPS Online School and not in their current school. Requests to transfer to an in-person school will be reviewed for the next quarter or semester and based on openings. Students requesting a return to in-person instruction during the 2021-22 school year are not guaranteed enrollment at a specific school. Every effort will be made to return students to their previous enrollment for the 2022-23 school year.