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Elementary K-5

Welcome to the Online Elementary School!

The Online Elementary School provides a safe and distraction-free environment with a blend of live and self-paced lessons, including small group sessions, specialist instruction, and comprehensive support structures. This approach fosters a vibrant learning community that prepares students for middle school and beyond.

  • FREE enrollment for Minnesota students.
  • Curriculum uses proven virtual learning strategies.
  • Meets Minnesota academic standards.
  • Special education and English learner support available.

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Staff Directory

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Steph Abbas

Social Worker

Latricia Adams

EA1 - Instru/Classroom 10 Mo

Roberta Bjork-Mathiesen


Molly Brown

Tchr - WINN Literacy

Suzanne Burton

Tchr - Kindergarten/Grade 1

Magalenn Cotton

Tchr - Culture

Jackelyn Doyle-Eustice

Tchr - Grade 5

Arianna Durden

EA1 - Special Educ 10 Mo

Jenna Haug

Tchr - Art - Elementary

Leah Hicks

Speech Pathologist

Xeng Jasiczek

Tchr - Grade 4

Kelly Jenson

TOSA-10 Month (187 Duty Days)
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 12 of 29 constituents