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4th Grade Fractions in Music

The students in Xeng Jasiczek’s 4th-grade classroom study fractions in math. They then studied music notes and connected how music and math are connected using fractions (whole note = 4 beats, then half notes are 2 parts of the whole note and equals 2, etc.) The students then wrote their own songs using notes on a scale. Finally, they used GarageBand to record their songs. Students were able to choose an instrument working on holding notes for a certain number of beats. 

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5th Grade Website

5th Grade create a website to display their work. 


Jackelyn Doyle-Eustice

Jackelyn Doyle-Eustice, 5th Grade Teacher

At the SPPS Online School, Jackelyn Doyle-Eustice is this year's Economic Educator of the Year Grade K- 5, an honor she received from the Minnesota Council on Economic Education through the University of Minnesota.

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