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Free At-Home Internet

Reliable at-home internet is important to continue school work outside the classroom. SPPS is committed to providing internet connectivity support options for students and families in need.

Comcast Internet Essentials through the Affordable Connectivity Program:

Through Federal Funding, Comcast can offer a $30/Month stipend towards any of their services, enough to cover Internet Essentials. Families must apply and not all will qualify for this program. For more information and to apply, follow the link below. 

Affordable Connectivity Program - Xfinity ACP Internet Credit by Comcast

SPPS Internet Essentials:
For families who may not qualify for the affordable connectivity program, or prefer to utilize SPPS sponsored programs, we do offer a Comcast Internet essentials voucher program. 

  • There are no requirements to qualify for this program.
  • SPPS internet vouchers are good for one year only. After that, families need to reapply.
  • Families can take their voucher code to a Comcast store, call Comcast service, or use the Comcast Portal to activate once approved.
  • Families will receive warning notices 60 days and 30 days before their contract expires.
  • If families don’t re-qualify or cancel, they will be charged $9.95/month.
  • Please contact your school for details on how to apply for this program.

Considerations/Before you Apply for EITHER program

  • Comcast cannot guarantee fast internet at all times. Multiple students being on video chat at the same time might be slow.
  • If you have issues with the internet service working at your home, you will have to contact Comcast, not SPPS.
  • Internet Essentials programs are intended for academic student use. If a family goes over the amount of data provided by the service, the speed of the internet will slow down. Doing extra streaming like video games and movies on services like Netflix, could cause families to go over the limit. 

Home Insecurity:
If your family is facing homelessness, please contact the social worker at your school for details on how to obtain mobile internet access.