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OLS: Grading Cycles

It's crucial to remind our students about the importance of submitting any outstanding assignments. At the Online School we break quarters into 3 week “Grading Cycles” to help students keep up with assignments, and not fall too far behind. At the end of a 3 week grading cycle, all students will have a one-week catch-up period to turn in any missing assignments. At the end of the catch-up week all assignments will be “locked”. Locking an assignment means that a student would need to talk to their teacher before being able to turn in a late assignment. This allows teachers to have a conversation with students and help them focus on the most urgent work.

SY 23-24 OLS: Grading Cycles

SY 23-24 OLS: Grading Cycles

What are Grading Cycles?

OLS-Family Guide to Schoology