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Andrew Andestic


Phone: (612) 568-4829

Andrew Andestic

Welcome, everyone! My name is Andrew Andestic and I have been teaching with Saint Paul Public Schools since 2005. I love the SPPS community, and I am very excited to be part of the new SPPS Online High School. My wife also teaches at an SPPS high school (Agape) and my three kids all attend amazing SPPS schools. I began my teaching career with the Peace Corps, where I became passionate about supporting marginalized students, especially those with disabilities. I’m also driven to help students transition into adulthood and find a career they love, so I’m currently studying to become a licensed work coordinator. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, running and biking St. Paul’s great trails, reading and writing as much as possible, and making music with my folk band, The Falderals.